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[Arabic] Branching and Merging Visualization with TFS2012

In this lab you will be introduced to the branching and merging visualization support in TFS2012. This support makes it much easier to understand a solution branch hierarchy and to propagate changes during the merge process.


[Arabic] Unit Testing and Code Clone Analysis with VS2012

In this lab, you will learn how unit testing is being completely revamped in Visual Studio 2012. By making the unit testing engine in Visual Studio extensible, Visual Studio 2012 will open the door for 3rd party unit testing adapters such as NUnit and You will also learn about how the new code clone capability goes hand-in-hand with delivering high quality software by helping you identify blocks of semantically similar code which may be candidates for common bug fixes or refactoring.

Agile Project Management In TFS2012 By Mohammed Omar

In this lab, you’ll learn how TFS2012 can help you quickly plan, manage, and track work across your entire team. You’ll explore the new product backlog, sprint backlog, and task boards which can be used to track the flow of work during the course of an iteration.